Planning a Fall Wedding at Pecan Grove

We are near that time of year when fall leaves start to turn, the rich fall colors are everywhere and the celebrations with family are on our mind. I truly loved being a part of Kelley’s wedding day and working with her sweet mom. There were over 300 guests that wanted to celebrate with the happy couple. The bride mixed her decor and centerpieces with a combination of fun fall pieces and Dia de Los Muertos. Thanks to Diana M. Lott Photography for such a great collection of photos that captured the details that day

Kelley 65610_10151725934021569_905148565_n Kelley 1385773_10151725930706569_1336165995_n Kelley 1450211_10151725931051569_494981095_n Kelley 1385368_10151725930886569_1127722134_n Kelley 733921_10151725931116569_1273309386_n Kelley 1381933_10151725930711569_1137871794_n Kelley 1391741_10151725930791569_1135319110_n Kelley 1383269_10151725931371569_318628348_n Kelley 1422401_10151725931776569_1115571221_n Kelley 1393792_10151725931726569_1843248387_n Kelley 1451517_10151725931811569_390759845_n Kelley 1454764_10151725931961569_187615_n Kelley 580769_10151725932016569_1126086513_n Kelley 923377_10151725932621569_390424564_n Kelley 1385595_10151725932896569_1156641766_n Kelley 521972_10151725932401569_221378681_n Kelley 1425589_10151725933096569_217461486_n Kelley 1454941_10151725933176569_1923717596_n


Thank you to our vendors for working with us to create a wonderful event.

Enjoy your fall,


French Classic Wedding at Mansion on Judge’s Hill (now Hotel Ella)

Some weddings take on a magic element on the wedding day when all the pieces come together. Planning with Kim and Issac to create a French influenced wedding was a lovely experience. I was also planning one of her bridesmaid’s wedding and being around fun, happy, beautiful people made my job that much easier. I loved all the gold and pastel tones that Kim wanted to work with.  The couple was surrounded by great friends and family which always makes my day that much nicer.

I worked with Whitney and thank her for the great photos

Kim BFIqukZTJXhTID9GhjKSxgcKubpA-3dauVorv7LVkWQ,_SV8QiLnP6nszoG_2NpSPcyFx7_P_2puhZYFz_zP-BI Kim X48xY_EVILIbtmEffjO1TfeCVpA0ObiABZHPax9Lz6s,o1qcnSskn3Q9GYHqhfyLcZQWdP3onvoEd6jdXJ5XBgM Kim GFpwP5hkcS7GvDHtfURZBEfTyKte0yW_dRPTNDTq0G0,Vzo6MP8P7Hz2p2wogu5XpLo4ky9VpIVVvt9Ws81HfL4 Kim 8fHnkb81yFENwi67YeVPUN10CwNZkNkHPUUqJ9hc5sU,i8zzE8PZ-Nm3YZ7iyv6nNswJOGTppPiDqBVOoqCy6z8 Kim bgCYwS8B1WKz9uQo8P1k7XuGaWkAx8wuBqam8wO__VE,ZLGlBWTJ0u1rJp5gNQwYCYvn1THDWu6cZk-831A-tkQ,TItx7n5gfVl1wpshVDN-0v0zepoRX1ZFINj4jbp2geU,Pq4l_pBuDzKSwdGMFxr-wbLjSNf7AC_wNWCgM3obo10 Kim bouquet 2013-03-23_19-04-43_245 Kim g4gnVAQPGb_M_QRioKqbRA8yVvgT89yxAAdqxzTe0QM,HLjZptXm3LjvB1_8DJ1Fw5Wb-l9vwEl4x37nvw_uE-E,JSTIJsPy_nVeSLy8jjxDH9APTUlRZz55F7uw9BOwAyw Kim RjrRW4X1SDE0z8qQyMDm-hbJ-oVfJCZ1Ajq2DkXMFcM,x5mRuNa8386NlOLLyu9bF6qa4Tw8JKlyiR3Ctx9XwN4,3smcg4HR1X7PdN721MrCOxmSOltI6dnS0ZHFolMn3IQ Kim qom5EjjJaOcztkp8SsD7o7raiM3t2Qcf479TwETxgiU,zF1yFXvqEsxHWZuIfBJqnG0joo_l6LVHDN3vv3X10mI kim VbD-Dt3rOnuL8ZUMsWW21M-qf0GXu83HOZxVGKp7w5Q,0wkwEbuiXM_Cs5Lx-g01jps1i5DDDtlhqln4Ahe93Pk,tGNewrB2ouRGb6UOguyvCarfywbZVvi8dKevyhWQtw0 Kim 0ydMm7tb-6NfB2Fyc6IND8iHYv8P5H_4N_-eMlbbdEY,3kaC9FduhFY4ijoQTsVLOCXJMBl0X_FPnghRG2e0ON0,KKevqjHptOSoUtkJnLo-dy2xbHYw7MmJS9Dv3xRPYwc Kim entrance 2013-03-23_18-04-28_828 Kim P7R9VVcwSwcOYfu1rDfRx_cMgQIDR9E8nSB48fnejXA,yz4-FfQybYo1M0MXqBX-CrGIQH4XGUVN4EV1TGIz5GY Kim jE51PQjQu4bfWUaeh-yhnWgR24-cA3m5Pktqy1oRl6Y,TPp-t3H1RHWGczKD_C-bfw7RwDGjuobLMzQNc5hjqR0 Kim 0FA3GZqC9pRvmsZkKfOWLisuRU94DQlYB2in3_SZmKo,qdft_XpcOGoNK-tieUih6oBXxv2NGVyqPrVhn-Cex_4 Kim 0kCI_1qhtZmcxtoIDcwJe6i7BThiZnqDfOZ668pk7lA,PRQWhfl8Hj26KtJGmzmOPYlaLuX0hYLlvAAmhEpyXR0 Kim 7nqBdqJfg-m27AUNy6E8Ir93t_cBrOh_oke7QIQbzL4,CFdEwJtF8zC4W7dTTJdsSEdek6wbUOLOzTEOvFCBPkg Kim HhbcXUK0CpntyOi-i-rxcbgautuacHuVn3SOE8UgTm0,aULHQ4GKElRIAPrCwuG94U2ENuV2mcFySLAoD_el7LE,Uctz8lq_XsuWrDW9qbABCjooSNUNI9xLyChg6Ta6NsE,FEZjlO3fkCmHEE0n-aQ1mYaxD3xaob9NCXifcjFVG-Q 2013 Droid download 1254 2013 Droid download 1249 Kim 25jb1sRZGfECpyKxM-HvN8UdFgM5qBGISp_dElwVh2o,DPmjIciUa-oJivfSc5edED85iYSBax7Ya7sTUGusffA,tKDSmUDk56KBdzCh6AXnwQt-4GAX3iUYOci3qhaDdRo Kim EQ-AoZ9tFKB5y689oPM-iyxKt009c4o7YSISx8ylZFs,t61RWBGI-paAbCnC4KpcGF86ZvPbTDgI88nDVS9WhFE Kim g7yoFRGuilmF38yRLtoZFLx8QUPKrieNz_4_bb0t3IE,nGiNIOw19RRWUuQZ7lNFztNHcs63W92L_ft69xL7t9Q,6JKYn41IFSFPAalZWNGq7tOYHlnSJvGq5BLTcdQT8lM Kim head table 2013-03-23_19-07-33_376 Kim Jn9WtEXlr2tjtDXOkNBGJ7t6kiuzmRVY2CWmd2bptY0,RxjpSq-82hTVjzVhi6jZ1ASr-ibbRBS-v32O8cYt-ic Kim TUfIF-skIJagyt9WsZrXM0rUTRHjW3eOlrO8u6qFgSQ,A01sL7hKCoNZLUu_uSis2BeQrqnay3_Ehf06j8KMfNE,pTCyqmp_6RZOtgzn6Gob8aPpGqDWpecm23UYFrA3Sp0 Kim kiss 2013-03-23_19-21-03_357 Kim OKGC1dewTS1C6t2wyy_AJIwJWJDXeJ4N4H7FoE9EV7s,PBZKxbwlfrFT4y3kwROl484e5aXv5mhzr9uYCtbjMHU Kim 09Fz1n8LI0O71EcvYWEXhGHUHrzLgi9wqfmynVgsA9U,aCTIScx1osUWWjRvdsLNwzG4AB7vL9DdLmGbL-_GOi8,R5_ZC5oRUjZAxyum3AZmNAPBNMt8xreRsUa9gwtpBQI

So beautiful, thank you to the following vendors.

Best wishes and happy planning,




Bohemian Love at Barr Mansion

There are so many wonderful wedding styles for brides to choose for their weddings, but what makes a wedding truly special is when the bride knows what she loves and wants her wedding to reflect all those things. I work with brides that love the classic, timeless look, others love the vintage touches and others like the clean lines of a modern wedding. When I first discussed Jaclyn’s wedding, I knew it was going to be so special. First off, she is stunning and her sense of style was stellar. She wanted to marry Joe, her very handsome groom, honor her beloved grandparents, incorporate vintage touches, enjoy a relaxed fun atmosphere and be surrounded by her large circle of friends.  Thanks so much to her photographer, Jessica for capturing all the details. and being so easy to work with.

Bell 2 download Bell 3 download Bell 4 download Bell flowergirl download Bell girls download Bell flowers download Bell guys download Bell 1 download Bell ceremony download Bell ceremony couple 2014-08-25_0036 Bell bridal party download Bell love download Bell decor 2 download Bell decor download Bell cakes download Bell reception download Bell rings download Bell tables download Bell sparklers download

Thanks to Brooke with Pollen Floral, Loot Rentals and Transportation Consultants for helping to complete the day.

I wasn’t speechless after receiving Jaclyn’s wedding review and was reminded once again why I loved working with her so much.

Barr Mansion wedding – Austin, TX   posted 2014-09-07
Barbara was a vital part of making our day absolutely magical! We got married in July at the Barr Mansion in Austin, TX and she went to great lengths to ensure that we were 100% happy. The Barr Mansion was going through some staffing changes near our wedding that left many a details completely undone and forgotten. Without Barbara there to remind the venue/enforce what we had decided upon our day most certainly would not have been the dream I had envisioned. As someone who is high ownership and highly organized, I thought I would be able to handle all the details and dynamics leading up to our big day and the day of. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I would have been lost without Barbara! Trust me when I say your time as a bride should be focused on the important things – relishing in this sweet time, spending quality time with friends and family that you don’t get to see much and having FUN! Barbara and her staff allowed me to do just that. Additionally, her role as liaison/chief operations officer served us well as we have very opinionated/dramatic families :) She was able to respond and resolve things among our families leading up to, day of, and even after our wedding with the utmost of tact and professionalism. God bless her for that. Barbara’s genuine desire to please manifests in her strong work ethic and ultimately her successful final product – beautiful weddings and happy brides. I am a product of that and can testify to her relentless efforts, amazing talents and overall caliber of woman. Barbara is a woman of her word with loyalty and integrity and I knew that she would have gone to the ends of the earth to make sure I was happy….

Happy planning,



Summer Wedding at The Driskill

It is no secret how hot it is in Texas, so once Memorial Day weekend hits, we work pretty exclusively indoors for weddings until the cooler late fall weddings. We want your guests and the two of you to be comfortable and not fainting from the heat in your beautiful attire. Trusting your Austin wedding planner to know which Austin venues have the best options for your wedding is an important skill to have. I have worked with Austin brides for over 20 years and after hearing your vision for your wedding day, I will make recommendations on the perfect location for your wedding.

We planned long distance with Lauren and Colby working with limited time in Austin, but all the details definitely came together for a beautiful wedding. They did not believe they could have a wedding at The Driskill, but I work there often and the Driskill team worked with us to find the perfect date at the right price. Many thanks so much to photographer, Pam Hults for knowing the Driskill so well and capturing the day

driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_0001 driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_0002 driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_04 driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_0006 driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_0007 driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_0017 driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_0022 driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_0023 driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_0023a driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_0024 driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_0024b driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_0030 driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_0033 driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_0034 driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_0036 driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_0039 driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_0042 driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_0043 driskill-hotel-wedding-photos_0059


I always tell my groom’s at the cake cutting that the bride looks beautiful, she paid a lot to have her hair and makeup perfect that day so the last thing he should do is break the trust during the cake feeding by putting cake in her face. When the groom doesn’t listen and puts icing on the bride’s face, pay back is bound to happen which is what happened here. Sorry Colby, but we did warn you not to and Lauren reacted accordingly.

Thanks to all the florist Wendee Sawran for such beautiful flowers

Are you planning an Austin wedding? I hope you will visit our website and see if we can be of assistance for your wedding planning needs.

Happy planning, Barbara

Perfect Villa del Lago Wedding on the Lake with Barbara’s Brides

I had such a great time planning this wedding with Chrissy and her mom. I had assisted with older sister, Jenny’s wedding a few years earlier and just like many other sisters Chrissy wanted me to know her style and wedding vision was very different from Jenny’s. Since all my brides have their own vision, I knew I could deliver just what Chrissy wanted. We worked to find the perfect vendors for her wedding, including Royal Fig Catering that really respected that the bride and groom wanted a Paleo menu. We created a fantastic menu that their guests thoroughly enjoyed.  Thank you to for taking such fantastic photos to capture the day.

broaddus 1472952_10151754800606569_59967217_n broaddus 1472925_10151754799651569_1983167433_n broaddus 1001998_10151754801011569_1479149637_n broaddus 1460072_10151754799241569_1537669697_n broaddus 1466129_10151754801006569_160545475_n broaddus 1463961_10151754801076569_1464986834_n broaddus 1459150_10151754801311569_635471794_n broaddus 1457686_10151754799666569_841915105_n broaddus 529530_10151754801341569_1300492599_n broaddus 559488_10151754800111569_795047567_n broaddus 1422590_10151754801436569_1113196951_n broaddus 1463372_10151754801441569_674922223_n broaddus 1426725_10151754801506569_1820377751_n broaddus 1458669_10151754801651569_869906362_n broaddus 1392091_10151754802241569_1339346863_n broaddus 1450869_10151754802171569_271186185_n broaddus 1472956_10151754800711569_1966991511_n broaddus 581851_10151754800601569_1220004204_n broaddus 994979_10151754802426569_1815078335_n broaddus 1395976_10151754800781569_1859355781_n broaddus 1454963_10151754801976569_292744271_n broaddus 1458652_10151754799796569_1247828805_n broaddus 1461157_10151754802626569_387859639_n broaddus 1467233_10151754802376569_1124082702_n broaddus 1471283_10151754800531569_1243797662_n broaddus 575200_10151754804061569_1099614945_n broaddus 1395834_10151754803446569_2135489582_n broaddus 1424490_10151754803111569_2138342471_n broaddus 1452494_10151754802966569_1775663919_n broaddus 1454556_10151754803206569_2124604031_n broaddus 1456569_10151754803016569_2038256209_n broaddus 1460307_10151754803071569_1213993618_n broaddus 1462878_10151754802686569_1095311794_n broaddus 1470394_10151754803471569_1348288016_n broaddus 988347_10151754804086569_531478240_n broaddus 1461772_10151754804581569_2055685113_n

We worked with such great vendors to make this day just perfect. Many thanks to:



Rentals: Marquee and Premiere Rents


Music: Austin DJ, Stafford Jones

Happy planning to you and if you find you need assistance with all the details or just day of, give us a call.

Enjoy your day,






Pure Glamour Wedding at The Driskill with Barbara’s Brides

Oh, what a wedding this was.  Casey took months to decide to hire me. Her mother in law had worked with me years earlier on her own daughter’s wedding and knew I could help give Casey peace of mind on pulling it all together. Casey had such fantastic taste and as an interior designer she had a clear idea of all the elements. She just needed reassurance that all she was hoping for would happen while she was busy being the bride.  Although there is no such thing as a true “day of” planner, we do offer brides the chance to start handing the details over to us as well as contacting us with the countless questions that come with planning a wedding. Many thanks to for working so closely with Casey on her vision. I love all the photos captured by showing a romantic evening with bling dripping from the pillars, the bride’s stunning bouquet and dancing through the night.

CJ-5115 CJ-015 CJ-016 CJ-018 CJ-019 CJ-023 CJ-024 CJ-025 CJ-030 CJ-037 CJ-039 CJ-046 CJ-5046 CJ-5049 CJ-5056 CJ-5060 CJ-5068 CJ-5091 CJ-5094 CJ-5096 CJ-5102 casey tables tall 2012-07-21_17-10-39_849 CJ-5123 CJ-001 CJ-012 CJ-069 CJ-077 CJ-083 CJ-094 CJ-095


I love the Driskill and have had countless weddings there, but this is definitely one of my top 5 Driskill weddings.

Happy planning,


Beautiful, Relaxed and Fun Barr Mansion Wedding

I loved working with Jayme on her wedding at Barr Mansion. She was such an easygoing bride and she wanted her wedding to reflect that. Not an ounce of stuffy and filled with fun flowing ribbons, her family’s favorite desserts and ending the evening with a pinata. The entire evening had laughter, wonderful family and friend moments and a packed dance floor thanks to DJ, Stafford Jones.

Abby with Stems captured Jayme’s design vision perfectly.

I loved the photos that Paige Newton shared with me and I am glad I can share them again.

jamey JBblog011 jamey JBblog024 jamey JBblog015 jamey JBblog016 jamey JBblog029 jamey JBblog051 jamey JBblog038 jamey JBblog033 jamey JBblog022 jamey JBblog052 jamey JBblog069 jamey JBblog060 jamey JBblog058 jamey JBblog056 jamey JBblog070 jamey JBblog085 jamey JBblog084 jamey JBblog077 jamey JBblog074 jamey JBblog086 jamey JBblog097 jamey JBblog095 jamey JBblog086 jamey JBblog100 jamey JBblog130 jamey JBblog128 jamey JBblog126 jamey JBblog116


Are you planning a wedding or recently engaged? Contact us today and see if we have a good connection. We have been planning weddings with couples for over 20 years and love that each wedding is new and different.