Sneak Peek from Rancho Mirando Wedding by Barbara’s Brides

I am anxiously awaiting the professional photos from Evelyn and Gabriel’s elegant hill country wedding. Their wedding was at Rancho Mirando near Wimberley, TX.  We did all the wedding planning long distance from Chicago with only a few Austin visits. I took a few photos on my iPhone, so pardon the quality.

First off, Evelyn’s gown by was stunning and my photo does not do it justice.

Silva gown photo

Evelyn wanted an elegant wedding and we definitely pulled that off. Here are just a few more photos representing Bouquets of Austin, Pink Tulip Invitations and Michelle’s Patisserie.

Silva cake photo Silva card table photo Silva color photo Silva place setting photo Silva chair backs photo

Stay tuned for the professional photo blog documenting the entire wedding day.

Happy planning, Barbara

Style Me Pretty Wedding Post of Preppy Romance at Nature’s Point

This wedding is one of the first posts I did on my new blog. I LOVED this wedding.  It definitely ranks as one of my top 10 favorite weddings. I was thrilled when Style Me Pretty said they would be posting it on their blog. So much fun, unique details and a bride that radiates joy.

My only regret is that you can’t hear the choir singing as they lead the bridal party in or at the end of the ceremony. Now that was special.

Do you have an Austin wedding planner? Are you planning your wedding while living local or long distance? Either way, having a local planner can make all the difference in your stress level, quality of vendors and how the entire day flows.

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Austin Monthly Featured Wedding Planner

I was interviewed by Austin Monthly regarding what couples need to do once they are engaged. So many couples are so excited after becoming engaged that they are not sure what the next steps should be. Do you have an Austin wedding planner yet? Do you have a great wedding vision, but aren’t sure how to bring it all together? I hope this will break it down for a smooth start to your wedding planning.

We’d love to assist you with your wedding planning needs.

Happy engagement, Barbara

Loving Every Minute of Driskill Summer Wedding

Working with couples gives me such great insight into their relationship and creating their wedding day brings me more happiness than I ever imagine my career as a wedding planner would.  We all have different skills and situations that bring us joy.  By nature, I tend to nurture and problem solve, so being an Austin wedding planner was the perfect choice for me. I love seeing couples glow on their wedding days, but these two set the bar REALLY high. Their love for each other was so obvious I hope my own sons find that level of love with their future spouses.  I was beyond thrilled to help them in their wedding plans, but being on site at the actual wedding was the cherry on top. Love in every glance, that is how I describe Kaitlin and Ward. Thank you Pam Hults for all their beautiful images starting with their fun engagement session.

Merchant 1001956_636835129723921_9197317139740106697_n Merchant 10169213_636834629723971_2114743120727579517_n Merchant 1655953_636835136390587_7628970748351139979_nMerchant 10155435_636834626390638_6347939711446353591_nDriskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0255Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0258Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0265Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0266Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0279Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0280Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0280aDriskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0281aDriskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0287Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0288Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0291Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0292Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0294Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0295Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0307Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0281Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0282Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0283Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0286Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0315Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0339Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0340Driskill-hotel-wedding-a'-LaVie-photography_0343

There are not many things that mean more to a business than a rave review. Thanks to Ward for taking the time to post his thoughts.

A Groom’s Best Friend posted 2014-09-12
Barbara and her staff helped keep my Bride sane and organized. We had a huge wedding with lots of moving parts. Barbara worked through some particularly difficult situations that I didn’t want to handle…and she did it with grace. I threw some curveballs her way the day of and during the wedding and she hit ‘em out of the park. Well worth the investment and I’m a little shocked she doesn’t charge more, she’s certainly worth it. I recommend Barbara w/out reservation. I don’t often give out my information, but for I’ll make an exception. You may contact me at if you’d like some more information on Barbara. Congratulations, Ward…

One of the highlights of the evening was a very special music for the reception from The Voice duo with DJ, Stafford Jones filling in during breaks.

Thanks to for the beautiful flowers and Lauren with for all the gorgeous stationery

Happy planning and be sure to contact us if you are looking for an Austin wedding planner. Especially if you are planning a Driskill wedding, we work there throughout the year creating beautiful, classic weddings for couples.

Best wishes, Barbara


Perfect Fall Wedding Day at Austin Four Seasons

Re-building my blog with weddings has me reviewing so many wonderful events.  I loved Shelley’s wedding at the Four Seasons and the October weather could not have been more perfect. We added Fall touches with white and gold pumpkins, elegant white and pale blush flowers, caramel apples and beautiful masks for the guests. The Austin Four Seasons lawn was the ideal setting for the ceremony and reception followed by the dance party inside the San Jacinto ballroom. This was all right in line with an elegant, classic, wedding in white and gold that the bride told me she had envisioned.

troberman 1101_4280805416416_1443792583_n troberman 1110_4280799616271_1823954190_n troberman 3487_4280803816376_1079811100_n troberman 12855_4280819256762_2112890604_n troberman 15278_4280796776200_590713430_n troberman 67812_4280804456392_2112264081_n troberman 72185_4280801296313_1158808802_n troberman 311208_4280799136259_428256210_n troberman colors troberman petal 2 troberman 543031_4280809536519_1346966611_n troberman 485083_4280814696648_1659080890_n troberman 486236_4280816776700_826367224_n troberman 76226_4280812616596_601070161_n troberman 390139_4280815776675_873644717_n troberman head table troberman 521746_4280806096433_1052692426_n troberman head table 2 troberman 534013_4280818096733_1705296015_n troberman 598526_4280819776775_1726697890_n troberman tent and head table troberman 404987_4280827136959_50545033_n troberman 293833_4280829857027_1559846820_n troberman 374561_4280823176860_2079104061_n troberman 486996_4280818536744_831107110_n troberman 575354_4280828576995_1932840441_n troberman 533845_4280824056882_11089387_n troberman 533723_4280824816901_1912252928_n


troberman 230152_4280830537044_472090705_n


Thank you to the following vendors for the wonderful service.

Happy planning, Barbara


Halloween or Masquerade Weddings

I am hopeful after looking at the calendar for 2015 that someone will contact me for a 10/31/15 wedding since it falls on a Saturday. I did a fantastic Halloween themed wedding many years ago and it was such a fun party. We had face painters on site for those that did not come in costume as well as beautiful masks. Over 50% of the guests came in tasteful costumes per the couples request with nothing too sexy or gruesome. The bridesmaids dressed as flapper girls and the groomsmen were mobsters. We had beautiful floral pumpkins for the centerpieces and cake design. It was definitely memorable.

I have had several weddings recently that have a variety of elegant, detailed masks to hand out during the dance party and for the photo booth to add another element of fun to their weddings. There are so many great ideas out there and it was fun researching different elegant weddings with a masquerade theme for next year. What a great Austin wedding that will be.

What do you think, are you interested in a masquerade ball style wedding next fall?

We’d love to plan such a fun event with you, Barbara

Planning a Fall Wedding at Pecan Grove

We are near that time of year when fall leaves start to turn, the rich fall colors are everywhere and the celebrations with family are on our mind. I truly loved being a part of Kelley’s wedding day and working with her sweet mom. There were over 300 guests that wanted to celebrate with the happy couple. The bride mixed her decor and centerpieces with a combination of fun fall pieces and Dia de Los Muertos. Thanks to Diana M. Lott Photography for such a great collection of photos that captured the details that day

Kelley 65610_10151725934021569_905148565_n Kelley 1385773_10151725930706569_1336165995_n Kelley 1450211_10151725931051569_494981095_n Kelley 1385368_10151725930886569_1127722134_n Kelley 733921_10151725931116569_1273309386_n Kelley 1381933_10151725930711569_1137871794_n Kelley 1391741_10151725930791569_1135319110_n Kelley 1383269_10151725931371569_318628348_n Kelley 1422401_10151725931776569_1115571221_n Kelley 1393792_10151725931726569_1843248387_n Kelley 1451517_10151725931811569_390759845_n Kelley 1454764_10151725931961569_187615_n Kelley 580769_10151725932016569_1126086513_n Kelley 923377_10151725932621569_390424564_n Kelley 1385595_10151725932896569_1156641766_n Kelley 521972_10151725932401569_221378681_n Kelley 1425589_10151725933096569_217461486_n Kelley 1454941_10151725933176569_1923717596_n


Thank you to our vendors for working with us to create a wonderful event.

Enjoy your fall,