Gorgeous Gold Wedding at Austin Four Seasons

When Lauren contacted me she was very distraught that she couldn’t have her wedding she had dreamed of because another planner had told her it was impossible for less than $75,000. When I was recommended to her and we spoke on the phone, I told her where she could save and how to make her vision a reality. Please don’t let others discourage you and tell you what is impossible for your wedding day. Lauren had a great budget for what she was picturing and we were 100% successful in making her dream a reality. Lauren had a vision with gold and glitter touches. I love working at The Four Seasons, especially on the back lawn for the ceremony with the new easy access to the San Jacinto patio now that they added an opening in the wall along with a path. Such a great touch and simple access for our guests. We had wonderful vendors helping with all the details to create a perfect day for Lauren and Justin. Many thanks to Pam Hults with http://www.alaviephoto.com for capturing such a fantastic day.

Vendors thanks to: Four Seasons, Meredith 478-4500, Ceremony Music: Terra Vista Strings
Officiant: Sam Riccobene, Reception Music: Groove Labs, Craig, Flowers: Bouquets of Austin http://www.bouquetsofaustin.com, Linens, chargers and head table: Marquee Rents 491-7368
Lighting: PSAV in house pin spots and Groove Labs perimeter uplights

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